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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Letting go

Letting go is the most difficult thing to do.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The best decision in my life

You do not understand me at all. Not even a single bit.

My tears do not show that I am a . I am faced with my own fears, insecurities and shortcomings. At a crossroads. Because I really do not know where to go next or what to do.

I admit that I am very slow in gathering my inner strength and wisdom to guide myself through, trying to pick up myself and moving forward in life. I need to be strong enough first before I have the courage to move forward. Because I can only rely on myself during difficult times.

Stop FUCKINGLY say that I was better/happier when I was in the fragrance company and that I should not leave. Of course, that was my comfort zone. Safety net. Don't you know that life is a major struggle out of your comfort zone?

Leaving the fragrance company IS THE BEST DECISION that I have made in my life. My only regret was not leaving earlier.

Extremely low pay. No prospects. No advancement. And lastly the most important thing... I was not learning anything new or growing as a person. No whatever kind of experience at all. It was as good as giving up on my life and myself. This is not what I have signed up for in life. What a complete waste of time there!!! Waste of my precious youth!!! Utter waste of my life!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bullshit Bedtime Story: L'Ucifer Beheads the Bounty Hunter

I just happened to come across this very interesting article on the ugly truth of L'Ucifer and just had to share this. 

I feel that for most enterprises, it is all about profit maximisation.

Taken from Beauty and the Bullshit:

There was a time, not so long ago, in a world that had not yet known the internet- when there existed faraway lands untouched by L'Ucifer.
For at that time, these lands were yet too small and unimportant in L'Ucifer's grand scheme of things who was then perfectly happy with the riches of the western hemisphere.
However that is, there were a number of entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity in bringing L'Ucifer's beauty bounties to these faraway lands.
These entrepreneurs shared their vision with L'Ucifer who in turn accepted their pioneering wisdom. 
In an act of benevolence, L'Ucifer granted a number of these entrepreneurs the right to represent, distribute and grow L'Ucifer in these faraway lands.
Each of the entrepreneurs applied themselves fully in their endeavor.
They all toiled for years - built offices, imparted knowledge amongst the locals, marketed, promoted, advertised, registered products - did all that it took- with the certainty that there will come a day when all their investments, their hard work, their strife will be rewarded. 
And that they will soon be bountiful. 
And so, as expected, after years of hard toil- the day did come when L'Ucifer's products have become well known and well distributed that they can already harness the profit from their labor.

But for each of these pioneers, without exception, soon as that day came-

 L'Ucifer appeared to take back the distribution agreement that they had.
The entrepreneurs were only given the opportunity to develop the market for L'Ucifer.

And once profit comes in, L'Ucifer took over.

For L'Ucifer never shares its bounties. 
It beheads the bounty hunters soon as they bring the prize.
So, the same question goes to my head, 
"Can a company who does this, really be worth it?"

Just some random thoughts:

In the world of business, is it all about deception, politics, war and strategies?

Bullshit Police Arrest's L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes

Another brilliant article. I just have to share this.

I cannot recall the last time (all the times in fact) that I have looked at mascara advert and felt that all those eyelashes just seemed like falsies attached and/or photoshop effect. Fake fake fake!!! Yet, every time I would reach out for a tub of THAT newly launched L'Oreal mascara and just get so excited over it. Lolxxx~

Deception? A clever play of words and pictures?

Taken from Beauty and the Bullshit:

After our bullshit bedtime story, it gives me great pleasure to make the next bullshit arrest.

Bullshit police hereby arrests L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes!

So, what is so bullshit about this ad- you ask me?

I have 3 BIG issues with it.

First, the name - Volume Million lashes.  

What the fuck is that?  

And gawd, when will these ridiculous names and claims stop?  

Well, if I may borrow a quote from The Social Network-
"Million Lashes is Not Cool, Billion Lashes is Cool!"

And the beauty of this is, with this name, they do not have to prove anything- 
because Volume Million Lashes is a product name, not a claim so they do not even have to support this with fake tests.

Second, are those testimonials that appear in their website.

L'Oreal, testimonials that are conducted by yourself, however genuine they seem or they are- 


Testimonials should be from neutral parties.  Leave the testimonials to the beauty bloggers.  

You have no business publishing testimonials which you yourself have conducted.  
That is unethical.

The third and the BIGGEST issue I have is the word "NEW".  

With L'Oreal, everything is NEW.  Well it is NOT 

Gawd, a mascara cannot be as basic as this one- so they had to compensate by this ridiculous name.

Tell you what dear readers, I will teach you how to create a NEW Innovative L'Oreal product.  

Just follow the instructions below:

And as a subnote, if you go to L'Oreal website- you will be impressed by the really high tech animation of opening the brush.  

I look forward for the next launch when they will make it into a digital 3D animation.  
Though I do not expect much of a new product.

So, the bullshit verdict is 10/10.  They have made a totally ordinary, really old product totally NEW.  

But, L'Oreal bullshit is getting so old and predictable.  
Time to inject new blood in your organization guys!


The BB on BB Creams

After the BB cream comes the CC cream. CC cream is a marketing term coined in the wake of the marketing term Blemish Balm cream or Beauty Balm. (This is absolutely true!!! Heard it from an insider and also saw this article below.)

Is it because we humans are just drawn to supposedly new and innovative products? So is it just another marketing gimmick at its best?

Who knows... maybe we will have ZZ cream in time to come? Just saying.

Taken from Beauty and the Bullshit:

Beauty Balm has the same initials as Beauty and the Bullshit. 

Coincidence?  I think not.

I have been ignoring all this BB cream hooha for the longest time - i figure that at some point,  all this -

developed by  ( insert adjective) German doctor,
does (insert logic-defying miracle wondersheals scars
and (call existing feature by a new name)  a skin care and make up all in one
and used by (insert adjective)Korean actresses

story is anything but new and I thought, nah, nobody falls for that anymore!

Or you will find it intriguing, try it, then find that this new cream is the same as the old one and you will move on and be all the wiser after having made cosmetic companies richer just by a few billion dollars. 

However, the day that some marketing joker who is late in the BB game and had to make it up to his disgruntled executive board else he will lose his job has combined AA(Anti-Ageing) + BB  to come up with the “genius” CC cream or as some version would have it, have color correction aaaaand even go to the length of giving you comparative charts that "guarantee" like this for example-

and women are now scrambling all over again to rid themselves of the BB  to get the CC – the time has come for a serious bullshit intervention.  Enough of this madness!

BB creams are bullshit. 

Think about it.   Just what do all BB creams have in common?
·      BB creams can come in all kinds of textures, they could be light to heavy
·      They can come in all range of coverage from sheer to full coverage
·      They revel in their multifunctionality- some have SPF, some have light diffusing age concealing ingredients, some have healing properties, skin care and makeup in one, concealer too...yadda yadda yadda.

Well, hello ordinary foundation.  Nothing unifies all BB creams except for that BB story. 

So ask yourself before you junk your ordinary liquid foundation for some BB or CC or whatever the FF cream they might be peddling next- aside from that tired story, what difference does your BB and CC cream have from your “ordinary” liquid foundation?


There are 4 morals to this story-
  1.  Don’t junk your old trusted cream to try the BB just because it is BB
  2. And don’t pay for more just because it’s BB.
  3. Insert (new name)CC to BB in the first 2 statements whenever something new comes along.

Author’s note.

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So you think you can handle a life turnaround?  Look deep inside yourself. Do you really enjoy the sympathetic looks you get from being a (insert the right derogatory adjective that stings your heart here). Well, i hope not! 

Well, without further ado-  i present you the Portocchiali (pronounced portokyali).   You are welcome!

 The Portocchiali will launch its Indie Gogo campaign on May 14.  (Click here on May 14)

To the best of my knowledge- aside from a teeny bit of exaggeration on the marketing spiel (creative license is what we marketeers call it), the product itself is bullshit-free. (well, we photo shopped a zit or two on the model)

(Full disclosure: I am the proud inventor of the portocchiali and  i earn from every piece sold.  But, i swear on Kim Kardashian’s arse  that the portocchiali did not influence the fact that BB and CC creams are bullshit.)

Oh and yes,  Moral lesson N° 4
4.   There is no free lunch, even moral lessons cost you.  Click share and we will call it even.  Haha, just kidding.  But no, serious, i hope you share it.  Meow- I lurv you.